Issues in the Operator-Equipment Dynamics in Construction Spaces

In construction spaces, equipment and operators go hand in hand. Healthy operator-equipment dynamics in construction project is beneficial for the overall efficiency and productivity. Often, problems in one reflect on the other and vice versa. Thus, this turns into a vicious cycle that affects the productivity of the entire project as well as the efficiency of the equipment and operators. Most of these issues arise from unprofessional behavior as well as inadequate equipment and technical training.

Current construction equipment like cranes, excavators, cement mixers, etc., often comes with technical advancements. These types of modern heavy equipment need a specific level of trained operators who can handle the machine and know what to do in case of machine malfunction. Lack of fuel, machine breakdown, accidents, equipment tampering, etc., all hamper the progress of the tasks. Still, malfunctions in equipment or unruly operator behavior cause issues to arise on and off the field:

Some of the common issues that arise in the equipment-operator dynamics are:

  • Inadequate equipment-based training

Specialized training is required to handle specific heavy-duty machinery. To show expertise in that area, certification is required to run equipment like forklifts, excavation equipment, etc. Operating equipment or machinery not in an operator’s field of expertise can also lead to site accidents or equipment failure. Apart from this, accidents do happen despite training. Speeding, rash driving, road rage, equipment damage, and fatalities cause extensive financial and resource losses. The operator and the site manager must keep track of the vehicle’s location, especially if it is a construction project in remote areas.

  • Lack of Emergency response/ maintenance

Emergency response or lack thereof in the face of accidents or equipment breakdown can lead to unprecedented expenses to the contracting company. This is especially true in remote construction sites where there may be a way to get help immediately in case of mishaps, equipment, and otherwise. Suppose the operators do not know how to access emergency responders or cannot act in case of emergencies. In that case, it can lead to delayed project progress and financial liabilities.

  • Fuel troubles

Usually, construction projects for the infrastructure sector happen in remote areas. This means much time is spent traveling or transporting materials. Fuel theft is also another common issue. Despite trackers and sensors being integrated into the equipment and controlled by the respective site managers, fuel and machine tampering methods still affect the project’s overall productivity and efficiency, leading to losses.


The issues mentioned above can be tackled through various industrial IoT solutions integrated at crucial points in the equipment. Sensors and trackers transfer data to a common platform, where the data can be analyzed to form actionable insights, which requires time. Operators and equipment must be in tandem to carry out the project work efficiently. IoT solutions come into the picture here as the interconnected system of devices over a shared network help to collect data in real-time, allowing corrective measures to be performed in a timely fashion.

Tor Loco is an industrial IoT suite that assists the operators as well as the project managers in monitoring the equipment under their supervision by providing granular visibility and access to real-time data and turning it into actionable insights for further corrective measures to be deployed.

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