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Oversee real-world performance and utilization of your EV fleet in near real-time with our all-in-one solution.

Get complete insight into utility equipment like Energy, Genset, Water & HVAC functions and monitor their real-time status, resource consumption & maintenance schedules.

Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.

Track your heavy equipment movement with ease and manage your construction site with our in-depth reporting.

Gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve productivity.

Understand the energy consumption pattern of the most important loads of your foundry including the melt shop.

Monitor and manage your construction fleet with ease to improve traceability and productivity.

Recognize real-time Chiller functioning to ensure smooth performance and avoid untimely breakdowns.

Monitor your Genset in real-time for improved efficiency and customised service through our end-to-end solution.

Manage overall asset health, function and performance efficiency in real-time through our end-to-end customised solution.

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Telematics for OEMs

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Electric Vehicle Telematics

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Utility Management System

Tor Loco HE

Construction Fleet Management System

Tor IoT Platform

Industrial IoT Platform