Tor Equip – Telematics

Manage your asset’s health by minimizing breakdowns and improving productivity.

Empower your end customers and provide a differentiated service levels with Tor Equip

Use our end-to-end solution to provide an interface to your end customers to monitor granular data and assist them in making better decisions.

Tor Equip – Telematics Use Cases

Genset Telematics

For Genset OEMs and GOEMs

Chiller Telematics

For Chiller OEMs

Compressor Telematics

For Compressor OEMs

Agricultural Equipment Telematics

For Tractors, Tillers & Harvester OEMs

Earth Moving Equipment Telematics

For earth moving equipment OEMs


Live performance backed by analytics

Get a detailed breakdown of your Genset performance and make a proactive diagnosis across several parameters.

Warranty Management

Keep up with warranty claims and cross-reference with genset health.


Get alerted for threshold breaches, servicing, and thefts.

Proactive service schedule

Schedule maintenance and service proactively by running remote diagnostics to prevent breakdowns.

Integrate with ERP

The system is capable of fetching data from major ERP systems for a seamless approach

Fuel Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption to prevent fuel theft.

Front end application customisation

A complete widget-based application allows for application tweaking, making it suitable for automakers and fleet management companies.

Granular Report Generation

Get a consolidated historic report featuring key parameters, Co2 vs. Fuel consumption, and Units consumed for battery charging vs. km run.

Integration with IT systems

ERP, DMS, and 3rd party integration integration

Hierarchy Management

Setup application based hierarchy with selective access to reports for Admin, HO, RO, Zonal, dealer, etc

Visibility into the real-world performance of your assets

Know how your assets are operating within the right thresholds across a host of parameters and meet compliance norms.

Get alerted in real-time in case of parameter threshold breaches and downtime

Get real-time alerts if vital operating parameters of your assets have breached the thresholds or a failure has occurred.

Smooth diagnostics and health assessment

Find out an asset’s health based on various performance parameters & early fault detection with ease for smoother diagnostics and improve the service levels, minimizing the service and maintenance visits.

Deliver a differentiated end customer experience ​

Provide a superior end-user experience and act as a product differentiator to gain a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

The telematics solution is meant for:

  1. Equipment manufacturers engaged in the manufacturing of machines such as excavators, compactors
  2. Large equipment owners such as contracting companies and rental fleet owners


Having clarity about the problem that the system is aimed at solving is an important prerequisite. Other than that, the system is suitable for most of the equipment and is easy to deploy.

Typical application involve:

  1. Meeting regulatory compliances (eg for Electric vehicles and solar pumps),
  2. Providing a differentiated experience to end customers
  3. Providing proactive services
  4. Monitoring real-world performance of the product for building better products
  5. Monitoring the actual productivity of the equipment to improve efficiency

The gateway can be installed during the assembly of the equipment or on-site as an aftermarket fitment.

The Tor IoT system is inherently secure. It is fully certified and complies with the latest global standards of IT security.

Yes, the Tor IoT system can be deployed on-premise.

Yes it is possible to port the Tor IoT data to third party analytics applications through restful APIs.

Depending on the application complexity typical deployment times vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

We provide SIM management services for activation, deactivation and managing compliances.

The cost varies depending on the application area. Please contact us for the latest pricing information.

Drop us your contact details here and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Edge Gateway

Tor Equip Gateway

  • AC supply through SMPS
  • CE & RoHS certification
  • Web-based configurable utility
  • Remotely reconfigurable over FOTA
  • RS 485/ RS 232 / TCP-IP interfaces

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Tor Equip

Telematics for OEMs

Tor Loco EV

Electric Vehicle Telematics

Tor Shield

Utility Management System

Tor Loco HE

Construction Fleet Management System

Tor IoT Platform

Industrial IoT Platform


Monitor and manage your construction fleet with ease to improve traceability and productivity.


Get complete insight into utility equipment like Energy, Genset, Water & HVAC functions and monitor their real-time status, resource consumption & maintenance schedules.

Electric Vehicle

Oversee real-world performance and utilization of your EV fleet in near real-time with our all-in-one solution.

Mining and Contracting

Track your heavy equipment movement with ease and manage your construction site with our in-depth reporting.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.

Warehouse and Logistics

Gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve productivity.


Monitor your Genset in real-time for improved efficiency and customised service through our end-to-end solution.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.


Manage overall asset health, function and performance efficiency in real-time through our end-to-end customised solution.


Understand the energy consumption pattern of the most important loads of your foundry including the melt shop.

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