Foundry Energy Management

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Digitalize the most important processes of your foundry including the melt shop and other key processes.

Reduce the total energy cost of your foundry with Tor Lenz

Monitor the energy consumption of the induction furnaces and other processes in your foundry to unlock areas of cost reduction.


Single digital view of the foundry

Know in real time the exact status of all important processes in your foundry.

Configurable BI

The customisable dashboard can be configured to display the most important KPIs for real time monitoring.

ERP Integration

The system can fetch data from major ERP systems for a seamless approach.

Unleash the efficiency of a digital meltshop

Integrate energy management, charge mix calculation, weight measurement, and spectral analysis to have a digital melt shop.

Maintain end to end traceability

Record all important process parameters that go into the finished product. Maintain traceability down to the furnace and heat level.

Digitalize the charge mix calculation using analytics

Digitalize the charge mix calculation and integrate the recipe with actual weight measurements for a thorough closed-loop approach.

Monitor energy consumption

Understand complete energy costs to identify opportunities of cost reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tor IoT system can help manage the total energy consumption of the foundry. The melt shop manager module can integrate the essential operations in a melt shop, precisely charge mix calculations, furnace management, and spectral analysis. This can help improve the quality and traceability and reduce the total number of iterations.

Yes. Multiple solutions use the Tor IoT system to monitor vehicle movement within the foundry, including integration with the weighbridge system.

The Tor IoT system is inherently secure. It is fully certified and complies with the latest global IT security standards.

Yes, the Tor IoT system can be deployed on-premise.

Yes. Porting the Tor IoT data to third-party analytics applications through restful APIs is possible.

Typical deployment times vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on the application complexity.

We provide SIM management services for activation, deactivation and managing compliances.

The cost varies depending on the application area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest pricing information.

Drop us your contact details here and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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Understand the energy consumption pattern of the most important loads of your foundry including the melt shop.

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