Reshaping Utility Management with IoT

The way we utilize energy is changing dramatically due to technological advancements. With the advent of creative technical solutions that can drastically revolutionize the way businesses are done, IoT is making headway in commercial spaces.

The granular visibility offered by IoT systems enables vastly detailed and accurate data to employ any corrective or managerial solutions. The utility management systems in buildings can use this visibility to improve their utility function through modern technology, industry standards, process efficiency, and asset and energy management optimization.

The following trends in building management are favorable for integrating IoT – based automation systems:

1. Remote supervision of utility equipment

One of the leading traits of an IoT system is remote and real-time visibility. Building management systems require constant monitoring of the utility assets to assess the current working condition. With IoT-based data monitoring, managers can monitor the operations of such equipment in real-time with the installation of wireless sensors and edge gateways. By allowing seamless tracking of various equipment at multiple locations, centralized asset monitoring would decrease the manual effort required. The data accumulated via multiple locations across various equipment can be visualized on the main dashboard, which helps inform the as-is state as well guide future actions.

2. Resource consumption and management

Buildings or any infrastructure, for that matter, use utility assets like HVAC systems, water pumps, Genset systems and chillers, which consume electricity, fuel and water for their energy needs. Asset health, which can be checked from the way it behaves under prescribed parameters, including energy input and output in the form of its respective role, can be maintained by correcting the outlier behavior of any equipment if it shows any deviation from its parameters. IoT systems can effectively address low power factors, voltage swings, current imbalance and other parameter deviations. Monitoring and managing energy consumption would identify outliers and drive efficiency initiatives to reduce the wastage of resources. Suboptimal machines would be recognized since they would consume more energy to give expected results.

3. Forecast equipment failure & prevent it

Defective utility equipment and operational disturbances can frequently disrupt operations. It is often costly to replace or repair severe damages.

IoT-enabled smart maintenance allows for advanced data collection and analytics and alerts management to take corrective action. Preventative measures taken ahead of time to address issues when their impact is minimal would reduce maintenance costs, time and effort. IoT solutions can do much more than merely deliver notifications, as some intelligent building systems can suggest or even guide possible corrective actions.

4. Avoid manual intervention

Manually controlling the operations of many assets might result in inconsistencies. It also leads to inefficient processes like logging errors and miscalculations. With the help of IoT systems, it can be possible to get accurate details on issues like product wastage and product insufficiency while keeping track of the functions simultaneously, avoiding human errors and in real-time.

5. Cost-effectiveness

IoT systems are inexpensive with very high ROI in terms of their benefits. There are various pocket-friendly sensors and devices that are compatible with IoT systems that help manage and monitor assets. For the systems to work in tandem and provide total visibility, it is necessary to have an edge gateway, a platform, an application and an analytics engine to complete the information flow. Such an elaborate yet cost-effective system packs a punch by offering the ability to track the amount and timing of energy utilization to provide a more efficient way to save energy, thus saving huge expenses that may occur due to energy wastage and misuse.


Buildings, residential and commercial, can invest in IoT technologies for operational efficiency and analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) is essential in developing innovative building management and monitoring systems. It also provides visibility and control of the systems for optimized use of the same. Companies can secure the sustainability of the equipment and resources by utilizing the IoT solution as the carbon footprint would be significantly reduced. There is no dearth of companies or businesses providing IoT-based solutions and products- both customized and general. One such customized solution is that of Tor and its utility management suite: Shield. This solution gives complete visibility and control of energy, water, and fuel consumption across commercial and residential complex setups. With such an array of possibilities and services at your fingertips, intelligent building management is now a reality.

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