Smart Residences. Smart Living: IoT for Residential Complexes

The concept of smart homes has been around for quite some time—popular systems like Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit are already big players in this area. Smart televisions connected to the internet, motion-sensing lighting systems, and alarm systems customizable enough to notify you about minute changes make their way into many hearths and homes. Such intelligent systems help makes for a more comfortable way of living.

Residential complexes are, in simple words, a building or group of buildings that are designed for housing purposes with common service areas or facilities. Residential complexes also have standard utility equipment systems for building management, like commercial spaces. And like individual smart houses and homes, residential areas can also become innovative and sustainable living zones through IoT integration.

So, what do these innovative residential complexes mean, and how does IoT figure into these spaces?

Firstly, a typical smart home is integrated with sensors and trackers that collect data from the utilities in the house to check and control humidity, temperature, power, etc. The data acquired and stored by these sensors and trackers can be viewed by the user at any given time.

Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the issues faced by the residential zones due to the lack of total visibility over the functions of the building systems, including the utility equipment systems that support the building.

Residential complexes also face the same issues as any other building management system. Poor water and power supply, malfunctioning ventilation systems, faulty emergency protocols, etc., are a few issues that plague many residential spaces.

The following are some of the critical areas where IoT-based systems can help in transforming residential complexes:

  • Utility equipment management

Residential complexes use heavy-duty utility equipment like HVAC systems, Genset, chillers, and water handling systems, among others, for building functions that use massive amounts of energy, fuel, and water. Proper management of these systems requires constant monitoring of energy use, equipment health status, maintenance and service schedule records, overall visibility of the functioning, resource consumption, etc. With data-based management, IoT can assist building managers in monitoring the operations of such heavy-duty utility equipment in real-time with the installation of wireless sensors and edge gateways.

  • Safety and Security

Safety in the residential areas is perhaps, the most crucial point. Proper alert systems, Intercom devices, control over locking systems, and motion sensors are things that every residential complex should be equipped with and managed closely. A secure network and a well-assimilated ecosystem of IoT devices into the basic building structure can provide a vital safety connection that addresses all security requirements for vast residential spaces.

By providing granular visibility and real-time monitoring, IoT-based systems and devices can make any residential space energy-efficient and safe by remotely tracking and managing data about energy consumption and scheduling preventive maintenance more manageable as the devices and software are interconnected over a shared network.

  • Measuring home conditions and managing home appliances

The smart homes that we see heavily depend on making living conditions better. A healthy utility equipment system leads to problem-free appliances in the homes. IoT sensors can be fitted into appliances like air-conditioners, ventilators, and power outlets that then collect data and notify the user about temperature changes and humidity levels, while simultaneously bringing them to a comfortable reading depending on the environment changes. IoT can also be integrated into appliances that run on a particular power source, like gas or electricity. These include gas ranges, electric devices like mixers, ovens, microwaves, appliances that consume substantial amounts of energy, and water like washing machines or refrigerators.


Home is the ultimate place of comfort for us. As innovative home systems are gradually making their way into many residential zones, it is time to take it a step further and turn it into a combined innovative and efficient effort that helps individual houses and entire complexes. IoT also provides visibility and control of the residential complex systems for optimized use of resources. Apart from safety and increased efficiency of utility equipment, IoT in residential complexes also assists with smooth transportation movement, personalized touch to home amenities, and control over systems like lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation.

There are several companies that provide generalized as well as customized IoT solutions according to the needs of the residential complexes. Tor Shield is one such industrial IoT solution that provides end-to-end assistance in managing and monitoring the building management functions for developing innovative homes.

Smart homes for everyone are not a distant dream anymore.

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