Top 5 Issues in Residential Complexes

Smart homes are becoming a norm these days. But these cases often refer to independent homes and houses. Although there are several examples of IoT making its way into specific high-end residential complexes, it still seems to be a long way for low-ticket buildings or complexes to introduce IoT systems into their infrastructure management plans. Cost plays a significant role in implementing IoT-based solutions for residential zones.

As IoT provides comfort and ease of granular visibility and total control of systems and their function for such smart homes, residential complexes and spaces have yet to introduce such systems into their projects as the structural and management ways differ from stand-alone houses. And where there are shared facilities and services, issues regarding their management and maintenance also arise.

Often, these issues are based on the condition and functioning status of the utility equipment. And such problems lead to trouble in the supply of power or water, faulty ventilation, or, ultimately, the breakdown of some critical component.

Some common issues for residential complexes include:

1.Wear and tear of equipment systems

Building systems point to the utility equipment supporting and keeping the functions running. But, like everything, equipment, and other building facilities face a certain amount of wear and tear over time. Equipment management is costly. And time-consuming. There must be complete control and visibility over the maintenance of the machines. Hence, it is easy to overlook regular management of the utility equipment like HVAC systems, Genset, water pumps, and tanks.

This type of negligence often leads to CapEx being overrun due to repairs or replacing machines, causing unnecessary expenses. Also, a lack of visibility of the health of the devices and equipment leads to a lack of timely maintenance and repair schedules.

2.Breach of compliance/regulations.

Whether intentional or not, avoiding compliance or breach of regulations or avoiding compliance regarding environment or safety can often land residential contractors in hot water. In addition to violation of these rules, multiple changes occur in the existing regulations, making it challenging to keep up with them. This often overlooks necessary rules, causing penalties and financial setbacks for the residential project contractors. Sometimes, changes are not made according to new regulations, leading to trouble legally and financially.

3.Safety and security

Outdated or lack of security and surveillance systems are still a significant issue faced by residential complexes. Surveillance system devices like security cameras and motion sensors are either not placed in necessary locations or are not functioning correctly. This leads to a lack of visibility regarding possible breaches in the safety of the residential spaces.

There is also a lack of management of these systems. The records are often not appropriately captured, or there is no analysis of the incoming data. Lack of disaster management techniques like proper evacuation systems, notifying emergency responders, first aid provisions, etc., is another issue that can hamper the safety of the residents.

4.Poor resource management

Utility equipment and the building require three primary resources: water, fuel, and electricity. The procurement and allocation of these resources have a fixed budget set aside for it, along with its resource management rules. Problems arise when there is theft of these resources, or wastage from improper use, as it can cause disruptions in the functions of utility equipment and other systems that depend on these resources, affecting the quality of living.

5.Productivity and quality of life

Apart from energy, resource, and equipment management, the most important thing for residential complexes should be to provide a better quality of life. A few things that make living uncomfortable in a residential complex are a lack of temperature or humidity sensors, improper ventilation controls, safety, and emergency regulations, no proper security systems for individual homes, and precise lighting. Apart from hard-use electrical appliances, there is also a severe lack of support systems for the elderly or the disabled, especially in emergencies.


It is possible to make intelligent residential spaces and complexes which provide an improved quality of life with the help of IoT systems. The total control and visibility of functions granted by IoT can provide essential, actionable insights into the issues faced by residential complexes. There are various IoT devices and systems to choose from, both generalized and ones that can be tailored to suit the needs of any residential space or complex.

Tor Shield is a comprehensive industrial IoT solution that aids the management of your residential complexes on multiple levels. Customized sensors and devices, gateways, and networks are available in the market for different needs of residential areas. Individual smart homes have already made their way into our lives. It is time for collective innovative residential spaces that provide ultimate living comfort.

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